Rosslyn Hotel Is Haunted


RockStars, Rebels, and Ghostly Apparitions

A 1920’s concrete and brick monolith, The Rosslyn Hotel, towers over the ragtag streets of dismal downtown Los Angeles.  This place is full of history, from its elite clientele of the ‘20s, to its bitter demise at the hands of time.  Like much of downtown Los Angeles, this hotel has an intriguing, mysterious, but often forgotten past.

Mr. Green stands at the corner of Fifth and Main, peering up from behind his trademark black shades at the monument before him. Mr. Green sees a beauty here, a beauty others do not. To most the Rosslyn is an eyesore, a vague reminder of some long forgotten past… a keen eye sees through this façade… sees a rustic, edgy nostalgia… Capturing this beauty is Mr. Green's talent, his blessing… his curse.

A shutter snaps. Mr. Green pulls his eye back from his viewfinder, examines his LCD screen… grimaces with frustration. Another beautiful capture, veteran models Ismill Lett and Brittany Lauren York silhouetted against a second story window inside the Rosslyn. The image is magnificent, but like all images shot today it bears a strange haze over the image. Frustrations continue to rise as the mysterious mist continues to envelop the images. There had been whispers that the Rosslyn was haunted… some restless spirit disturbed by the recent renovations to the structure. Could this be true? Rebel Spirit models JJ Valezquez, Shannon Nicole, and Andrew Hofstatter feel an eerie disturbance… no one speaks.

Snap…Snap…Snap! The shutter of Mr. Green's camera closes again and again. More and more spectacular captures. Ghosts or not, this is a Rockstars of Photography shoot and the show must go on!

The Rockstars, perched high above the city skyline on the rooftop of the Rosslyn, stare out across the sweeping panorama of the City of Angels laid out before them. As dusk lays an amber glow across the rooftop, a look of triumph fills the eyes of new models Travis Hoyt, Andrea Soto King, Sevak Abramovich, and Adam Bryant. Mr. Green sits at the center of the pack, the last few beams of sunlight reflected in his shades. This is a Rockstars of Photography shoot. Special thanks to CapEquity for the amazing location. Check out the image gallery for more images from this "haunting" shoot.

The End.
Written by: Travis Hoyt


A special thank you, to all of our models for ROCKIN the Rebel Spirit shoot!

Shannon Nicole

Amy Green

Andrea Soto

Brittany York

Jenna Schneider


Sevak Abrahamovich

Adam Bryant

Andrew Hofstatter

Ishmill Lett

Travis Hoyt


JJ Velasques

Alejandro Soto


Dear Rockstars,

What an amazing shoot we had at downtown's Rosslyn Hotel for Rebel Spirit Clothing! Did you guys see how amazing these images turned out? I want to send a sincere thank you out to each and every model who banded together, endured the long hours, and rocked the hell out to make this such an amazing shoot. Your professionalism both in front of the lens and behind the scenes is second to none! I truly have amassed the most amazing collection of men and women models on the planet! As a special thank you i'm creating a section of my website entirely devoted to you models, this will showcase you not only to our customers but will act as a port to the whole world! You guys are the true stars of the show and I want to help you f#ckin shine!

Mr. Green